AlumaJet® : full color photo quality images onto real metal with a standard ink jet printer

AlumaJet® : full color photo quality images onto real metal with a standard ink jet printer

 AlumaJet allows you to print  full color photo-quality images directly onto real metal with a standard printer.

AlumaJet does not require special inks, transfer papers or heat presses, nor does it require a special printer. Any standard water-based ink jet printer with a straight feed path will print on AlumaJet.

The AlumaJet printing process is easy, reliable and affordable because it works with many standard off-the-shelf ink jet printers.  Printing on AlumaJet is very similar to printing on photo paper.


Photo quality resolution prints on metal: fine details of the image are exceptional and  colors are vibrant and precise.

The pure, shiny aluminum backing provides maximum  background contrast  for dense, black and color inks. The result is a very wide range between highlights and shadows in each image.

This makes AlumaJet  ideal for creating complex diagrams, orientation panels, reproductions of newspapers / magazines, line art and illustrations.

Compatible with inkjet printers on the market: Epson, Canon, HP ... AlumaJet® is very easy to use.

Since no heat transfer is required, there is no hot press preheating time, hot pressing time or waiting for the metal to cool after pressing, no more hot material to handle.

In addition, no step of alignment of  transfer paper and support is necessary.

This makes production faster and easier.

AlumaJet® requires neither special ink nor specific printer.

AlumaJet® allows owners of aqueous inkjet or pigment printers to be able to directly  print   rich, photo-quality color images and fine text on  the aluminum sheet

AlumaJet® does not require transfer paper or heating press, just an inkjet printer.

Image life can be extended with UV blocking over-laminates (matte, glossy, velvet polycarbonate) or varnish (matte, glossy) to protect the plate or for outdoor use.





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Alumajet  allows you to make very attractive aluminum prints, without special operations (as if you were printing on paper), and without significant investment because it can be processed on a standard  inkjet printer

AlumaJet is an ideal substrate  for reproducing precise colors and fine details of vector and bitmap images as well as very small texts. This is a main point  that sets AlumaJet apart from other printing and transfer methods.

Over the years, AlumaJet has been used in many color reproduction applications, especially when fine details are required, such as posters, award plaques, reproductions of magazine and newspaper articles, photographs, diplomas / certificates, control panels, product / equipment labels, warning labels, badges names, nameplates, wiring diagrams , diagrams, memorials and much more

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