What is a Co2 cutting/engraving laser

In a sealed laser tube (with aluminum, ceramic or glass body)  CO2 gas is excited to produce a high energy laser beam.

This laser beam is  driven onto the material surface by means of mirrors.

Depending on the emitted power,  the laser will produce different effects :

- Marking : the laser burns the material surface.

Marking results from the difference between material original color and burnt material color and can be used for part identification,  traceability, serial number increment…

- Engraving :  the laser digs holes in material,

removed material produces hollow pattern for plate engraving…

- Cutting :  the laser digs into the entire material thickness.

The very thin laser beam (100 microns)  produces high precision quality cutting, used in many applications : models, seal cutting, paper cutting…


Our range of laser engravers

V2000 Co2 engraving / cutting laser

V 2000 model is a Co2 cutting/engraving laser, equipped with a US  radio frequency  laser tube.

Working sizes are 450 x 310 mm with a maximum height of 150 mm.

With reduced sizes and openable door, it can process materials of  310 mm x infinity



V3000 Co2 engraving/cutting laser

With  working sizes of 610 x 420 mm  and max. height of 150 mm, V3000  laser is equipped with a US RF Co2 laser tube.

Available in  30, 40, 60, 80 or  100 W according to the power  you need.

ILS3V CO2 engraving/cutting laser

ILS3 V  is a stand model laser, with working sizes of   660 x 495 mm  x  210 mm maxi height.

Front/back openable doors allow to process  materials of 660 x mm x infinity

Available in 30,40,60,80 or 100 W according to  the power you need.


I3000 CO2 engraving/cutting laser

With 700 x 500 mm working sizes,  230 mm maximum Z axis height and back/front/right/left openable doors , a multitude of applications is  possible  with the sole limit of  700 mm 

Available in 30, 40, 60, 80 or 100 W according to  application required power.

I4000 CO2 engraving/cutting laser

I 4000 is the largest model of our industrial range of Co2 engraving/cutting lasers, with working sizes of  1000 x 600 mm x  230 mm  max height and  front/back/right/left openable doors.

Available in 30, 40, 60, 80 or 100 W powers.

Eko 5 CO2 laser cutting/engraving laser

Eko 5 laser is a versatile, economical and efficient CO2 machine equipped with a glass laser tube.

Working sizes: 500 x 300 mm x 120 mm height

Several tube powers are available according to your applications.



Eko 7 Co2 cutting / engraving laser

Eko 7 is the best-selling model of EKO range of lasers.

Working size : 700 x 450 mm

Z axis adjustable from 0 to 150 mm.

Available in 40, 60 or 80 w.

Eko 9 CO2 cutting/engraving laser

With 900 x 600 mm working sizes and 150 mm part height, EKO 9 can be used in a wide range of applications for an affordable cost.

Available in 40 / 60 / 80 or 100 W



Eko 10 CO2 cutting/engraving laser

With 1000 x 700 mm working sizes and 200 mm part height, EKO 10  is ideal  for both cutting and engraving applications.

With front/back opening doors, it is possible to process large sized materials : 1000 mm x infinite

Available in powers from 75 to 100 W

Eko 14 CO2 cutting/engraving laser

Cutting sizes of Eko 14 are 1400 x 900 mm x 200 mm height,  .

Front / back opening doors  allow to process  large materials of 1400 mm x infinity.

Available in several powers from 90 to 130 w

Eko 16 CO2 cutting/engraving laser

With cutting sizes of 1600 x 1000 mm and 200 mm height, Eko 16 is the largest model of EKO lasers .

Front / back opening doors  allow to process  large materials of 1600 mm  x infinity.

Available in several powers from 90 to 130 w

Cmark OEM Laser

OEM laser for integration into production lines.

Available in different powers from 12 to 100 w and different marking fields from 70 x 70 mm to 300 x 300 mm.


In the PRO3 version the Cmark laser (CO2) is integrated in a closed workstation (class 1).

Depending on your applications the PRO3 station is available in different power ratings from 12 to 100 W and different marking fields from 70 x 70 mm to 300 x 300 mm.

C MARK laser WITH PENDULUM TABLE Galvanometric CO2 marking laser

CMark laser with its pendulum table allows the part to be automatically moved into the lasering area for engraving (automatic drawer).
Once engraved, part automatically comes out for replacement by a new one by operator.
5 powers are available from 12 to 100 w with different marking areas from 70 x 70 mm to 300 x 300 mm.

CMARK with Pro MAX I Station Co2 galvanometric marking laser

Pro MAX I version adds productivity to CMark laser.

A turntable allows to engrave a part while the operator loads another. When 1st part engraving is completed,  the table turns, so that operator can  remove engraved part and load a new one, while previous one is being marked.

Available in several powers from 12 to 100 w and different marking areas from 70 x 70 mm to 300 x 300 mm.

Pro MAX XY galvanometric CO2 marking laser

Imagine the speed of a galvanometric laser with the surface of a laser plotter !
The Pro MAX XY workstation is equipped with two X and Y axes that moves the  laser source. Marking / engraving / cutting  sizes can thus go up to 1000 x 500 mm.
Galvanometric head  movement is  automatically controlled by the software and transparent for operator.
Overall  cutting area is divided into  smaller areas corresponding to   focal length  used : 112 x 112, ..., 300 x 300.
Available powers from 12 to 100 w.

3 Axis CO2 Galvanometric laser

The 3-axis Co2 laser is available in several powers 70, 150, 200 w according to your applications.

As standard, the 3rd axis allows you to engrave / cut surfaces of 600 x 600 mm.

Other sizes can be studied on request.

3 Axis CO2 Laser with pendulum table

Identical to the C6060, the pendulum table version improves productivity by using a two-position table : one work piece is engraved while the other is loaded.

Available in 70, 150 and 200 w in 600 x 600 mm

Advantages and uses of this process


Used in engraving, marking or cutting applications, laser generates a high energy that will heat or vaporize material at the focusing point, with the following advantages :

- No physical contact with material : no need for template , no risk of  tool wear or breakage (saw, drill…)

- Very thin impact point (about 100 microns) securing  very high accuracy

- High versatility : according to  Co2 or fiber technology, most material can be laser-processed : plastic, wood, leather, cork, metals, cardboard,...

- Environment friendly engraving/marking (no need for ink, solvents, screen  cliche..)  directly inside the material and thus unalterable to the wear of time

- Easy integration in production line : fiber or Co2 galvanometric  lasers are particularly easy  to integrate into chains for traceability or  product identification.

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