What is a Rubber stamp ?

A rubber stamp is a relief pattern that has been carved, molded, laser engraved or vulcanized on a rubber sheet.  Application of suitable ink or dye on the rubber surface allows to transfer and print pattern on media.

For easy application, rubber is stuck to a rigid wooden handle or acrylic block.

The ink coated rubber part is pressed on the media (usually paper or fabrics)  so that ink can be transferred to reproduce the pattern.

Rubber stamps available on the market  are meant for office  use, for object decoration (scrap booking), or for children's toy.


Advantages and uses of this process


Main interests of rubber are fine detail reproduction, resistance to all ink types and porosity, making it slightly absorbent  for better ink release. Professionals says rubber is in love with ink

Rubber stamps can be obtained by two techniques :

- co2 laser engraving of a pre vulcanized rubber sheet

- molding & vulcanization of natural rubber in a mold made in a matrix board.

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