Products and equipment for photopolymer stamp making

designed or marketed by our company for over 60 years

Thermoflex 50 v resin was developed by our company in partnership with the  Anvar (french agency for research valuation)  and the National school of Chemistry of Montpellier with the aim  to offer stamp manufacturers a more qualitative resin than those present on the market.

It can be used both in flexography (high rate printing, with   +/- aggressive inks) but also for  business  and creative hobbies stamps.

Our resin is odorless, resistant, secures fine detailed reproductions  and  includes  an anti-tack treatment to avoid sticky effect.




Daylight film is a photosensitive film, used to produce a  negative film when exposed to UV light through a laser or inkjet printed positive  film.

Once the film is exposed to UV light in the Thermogravor photopolymer machine, areas exposed to light will turn black during development (developer) and fixation (fixer).

This negative film will be used to expose  photopolymer resin.

All materials are selected or manufactured by our company, as a guarantee of quality through our expertise.

In the exposure  frame of the Thermogravor, negative film is protected with a cover film. Once delimited by damming tape, stamp area is filled with resin and covered with a backing sheet 

Then, exposure frame is closed to level resin and placed in the exposure part of the  photopolymer machine.

Final stamps are obtained after several steps : exposure, engraving, drying and  post exposure , all made in compartments of the same machine.

Then, it is just necessary to cut individual stamps after a simple and fast process in reliable and user-friendly equipment produced by ourselves.

Materials and supplies needed

Thermogravor photopolymer processing machine

A 4 size photopolymer processing machine 

Designed and manufactured by our company, to produce photopolymer stamps from liquid resin or hard photopolymer plates to be pressed into a matrix board (mold) 

The machine is made of 3  parts : 

Exposure part  (to expose photopolymer material to UV light)

  • UV tubes with on/off digital timer including memory 
  • vacuum pump to keep  positive and negative films or negative  film and  photopolymer plate  in close contact
  • glasses  with closing and calibrating system for liquid photoplymer material processing
  • plastic tray with holding system, for liquid resin post exposure
  • compressor to pierce air bubbles in liquid resin

Engraving part : (to develop (wash out) photopolymer material

  •  all pieces are in stainless steel
  •  thermostat for water temperature control
  •  timer to start the engraving unit
  •  the engraving mechanism is outside water to avoid dirt and jamming problems of the  moving part                               

Drying part (to harden photopolymer material)

  • 3 drying compartments
  • temperature control by thermostat
  • on/off timer         
  • 3 drying compartments




  • Brochure commerciale tampons marqueurs GB


« stamp »  word can include inking pad,  box containing ink pad, instrument used to transfer a print on a document and even final print. Stamp can be manual or automatic.

Our company offers products for  the  “seal”  technical part of the stamp  : part in rubber, photopolymer or pre inked material with characters,  logo or drawing to print.

In case of rubber or photopolymer resin, stamp surface should be coated  with ink from an ink pad. Then, stamp is placed above support and pressure is applied to transfer ink from stamp surface to the support. For another print, it is necessary to ink again stamp surface.

In case of pre-inked material,  ink is directly contained in the microporous structure of the stamp (ink capsules).