Pre-inked stamp : technical and innovative

a product mastered by our know-how

Developed and patented by our company, framed matrix board is made of
- a thermohardening  plate, allowing  to mold, after  required preheating time,  photopolymer plates without damaging  characters,
- a damming frame, polycondensated with  the plate, to offer perfect calibration of ink when it is molded.


With following main advantages :

- no need for expensive metallic casting frame

- no need for cooling unit

- reduced investment

- no need to assemble or clean casting  frame  (framed matrix board is thrown away or stored for re-use)

- different sizes available :  A4, A5, A6, A7 et A 8

Day light film is exposed in the Thermogravor machine through a laser or inket jet printed positive film.

Once developed and fixed, a negative film is obtained,  used to process photopolymer plates.



Hard photopolymer plate is a relief cliché obtained by exposure of photopolymer material to UV through the negative film

All processing steps are made in the Thermogavor machine :  exposure through negative film in the machine exposure part, development (engraving) to remove unexposed material areas in the  machine engraving part, hardening in the machine drying part.

Resulting cliché has a  1.22 mm  relief corresponding to stamp letter height


Framed matrix board and photopolymer plate are placed inside a heating press, to press (mold) photopolymer plate (relief) into the matrix board and get a die (hollow)



Ink gel is poured in the mold (hollow letters) and covered by a felt which subsequently serves as an ink reservoir.

The whole is placed in the press for a gelling (cooking) process.

When cured and unmolded,  pre-inked stamps come in the form of a semi-rigid ink plate with felt reservoir backing. Then, it is just necessary to cut  individual stamps and place them in special mounts.


Materials and supplies needed

Thermogravor photopolymer processing machine

A 4 size photopolymer processing machine 

Designed and manufactured by our company, to produce photopolymer stamps from liquid resin or hard photopolymer plates to be pressed into a matrix board (mold) 

The machine is made of 3  parts : 

Exposure part  (to expose photopolymer material to UV light)

  • UV tubes with on/off digital timer including memory 
  • vacuum pump to keep  positive and negative films or negative  film and  photopolymer plate  in close contact
  • glasses  with closing and calibrating system for liquid photoplymer material processing
  • plastic tray with holding system, for liquid resin post exposure
  • compressor to pierce air bubbles in liquid resin

Engraving part : (to develop (wash out) photopolymer material

  •  all pieces are in stainless steel
  •  thermostat for water temperature control
  •  timer to start the engraving unit
  •  the engraving mechanism is outside water to avoid dirt and jamming problems of the  moving part                               

Drying part (to harden photopolymer material)

  • 3 drying compartments
  • temperature control by thermostat
  • on/off timer         
  • 3 drying compartments

PEVP A5 Moulding and Vulcanizing Press

Moulding and vulcanizing press to press characters into a matrix board and get a mold in which rubber/ ink is molded

  • Size A5 (270 x 230 mm)
  • Hydraulic pressure provided by  coupled hydraulic jack and pump
  • 2 PID electronic controllers  securing  perfect  accuracy and distribution  of temperature  for  pre-inked and rubber stamp making
  • Manual digital timer for control of processing times.

PEVP A4 Moulding and Vulcanizing Press

Moulding and vulcanizing press to press characters into a matrix board and get a mold in which rubber/ ink is molded

  • Size  A4 (350 x 300 mm)
  • pressure is provided by separate pump and jack
  • 2 PID electronic controllers secure perfect accuracy and distribution of temperature for pre-inked and rubber stamp making
  • Manual digital timer for cycle control
  • Manometer for pressure control

Automatic Moulding and Vulcanizing Press

Motorized moulding and vulcanizing press, size 350 x 300 mm, for rubber and pre-inked stamp making.

All manufacturing steps are automatically performed . It is just necessary to set parameters (temperatures, preheating and cooking times, cooking pressure) Then, pushing a single key will automatically start the procedure : platen rising, contact during pre-heating time, degassing, pressure and cooking , opening when programmed time is over.

  • Pressure by motorized hydraulic pump, with separate jack to avoid heat transmission to hydraulic parts.
  • automatic control of manufacturing cycles
  • preheating and curing time are controlled by a digital timer
  • switch for additional degassing
  • emergency stop
  • manometer for pressure control
  • 2 PID electronic controllers securing perfect accuracy and distribution of temperature for pre-inked and rubber stamp making




  • Brochure commerciale tampons marqueurs GB


Pre inked stamp is the 3rd kind of stamp on the market, after rubber and photopolymer stamps

Pre inked is made of a gel containing microcapsules of ink.  Gel is cooked in a matrix for a precise time at precise temperature and covered with an absorbent felt that will serve as an ink reservoir .

Then, stamp is placed is a special mount with adjustable pressure to produce right print, neither too light nor too dark.
When pressing the mount,  ink capsules release ink to print support.
When pressure is released, microcapsules are filled again with ink contained in the felt backside


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