Fast Drop Doming

The fastest doming solution in the world

Fast Drop doming principle is based on  "Vario Dose" :  It is a plastic bottle that allows the resin to be applied to  labels by simple pressure.

Precise control of the resin flow guarantees professional results for a wide range of applications on different substrates.

The application of a  3D resin dome on labels protects them from  outdoor damages (UV, rain, temperature), solvents ...

In addition of being highlighted, marking is warranted for 8 year outdoor use.  


Fast Drop doming is the easiest  and fastest solution to produce 3D labels.

1 - Mix two components (resin and hardener),

2 - apply mixture on printed labels

3 - let dry.

That's all and as simple as 1, 2,3

Fast Drop solution is the most economical doming solution because it is the only one allowing to produce quality doming, without any equipment.

Visual attraction of doming for customers combined with low cost price of resin applied on labels  bring real added value to your products.

Fast Drop is eco friendly and REACH and RoHs complying.

For speed and ease of use, containers (variodose, needles) are discarded after use. Their low cost avoids cleaning time and use of solvent.






  • Brochure commerciale doming Fast Drop GB


It is a Polyurethane (PU) resin composed of two parts:  resin and  hardener.

The mixing ratio is 1: 1.

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