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Products and equipment for rubber stamp making

Subject of an international patent,  Thermoflan matrix board is made of compressed powders that become  as soft as a paste for easy penetration of  characters  (lead types, magnesium or photopolymer plate).

When cured,  material becomes very hard and produces a die in which rubber is molded. 

Available sizes :
- A4 (315 x 235 mm - 12.40 x 9.25 inches) boxes of 20 – 50 or 100 pcs
- or 650 x 500 mm - 25.59 x 19.68 inches boxes of 10 – 20 or 25 pcs

Standard thicknesses : 4 or 5 mm

Other available thicknesses : 6 – 7 – 8 and 9 mm for photopolymer, magnesium or zinc plates.

Daylight film is a photosensitive film, used to produce a  negative film  when exposed to UV light through a laser or inkjet printed positive  film (translucent paper)

Negative is exposed to UV light in the Thermogravor photopolymer machine  then developed  (developer)  and fixed (fixer)  in trays

Positive films  are available in box of  100 sheets size A4, day light films are available in  box of  150 sheets



Hard photopolymer is a relief plate used to produce a mold once pressed into a matrix board.

It is processed by UV light exposure  : when developed in water,  exposed areas of the plate harden and create relief  characters when unexposed ones are washed away

Thickness of  relief corresponds to  rubber stamp characters height.

Available in 1.52  or 1.75 mm thickness
Water processed
Boxes of 20 plates size A 4


The  photopolymer plate (relief)   is pressed into a matrix board to produce a mold (hollow)

Molding is made in an A4 or A5 heated press : matrix board is brought at high temperature to soften and allow penetration of photopolymer plate.

When cured/hardened a matrix (hollow) in obtained to mold rubber



Unvulcanized rubber is available in rolls, in several colors.

The rubber sheet is placed on the matrix and cooked under pressure in a vulcanizing press (identical to  previous step).

After cooking the rubber sheet is cut into individual stamps that  will be placed on wooden or automatic mounts.

Materials and supplies needed

Thermogravor photopolymer processing machine

A 4 size photopolymer processing machine 

Designed and manufactured by our company, to produce photopolymer stamps from liquid resin or hard photopolymer plates to be pressed into a matrix board (mold) 

The machine is made of 3  parts : 

Exposure part  (to expose photopolymer material to UV light)

  • UV tubes with on/off digital timer including memory 
  • vacuum pump to keep  positive and negative films or negative  film and  photopolymer plate  in close contact
  • glasses  with closing and calibrating system for liquid photoplymer material processing
  • plastic tray with holding system, for liquid resin post exposure
  • compressor to pierce air bubbles in liquid resin

Engraving part : (to develop (wash out) photopolymer material

  •  all pieces are in stainless steel
  •  thermostat for water temperature control
  •  timer to start the engraving unit
  •  the engraving mechanism is outside water to avoid dirt and jamming problems of the  moving part                               

Drying part (to harden photopolymer material)

  • 3 drying compartments
  • temperature control by thermostat
  • on/off timer         
  • 3 drying compartments

PEVP A5 Moulding and Vulcanizing Press

Moulding and vulcanizing press to press characters into a matrix board and get a mold in which rubber/ ink is molded

  • Size A5 (270 x 230 mm)
  • Hydraulic pressure provided by  coupled hydraulic jack and pump
  • 2 PID electronic controllers  securing  perfect  accuracy and distribution  of temperature  for  pre-inked and rubber stamp making
  • Manual digital timer for control of processing times.

PEVP A4 Moulding and Vulcanizing Press

Moulding and vulcanizing press to press characters into a matrix board and get a mold in which rubber/ ink is molded

  • Size  A4 (350 x 300 mm)
  • pressure is provided by separate pump and jack
  • 2 PID electronic controllers secure perfect accuracy and distribution of temperature for pre-inked and rubber stamp making
  • Manual digital timer for cycle control
  • Manometer for pressure control

Automatic Moulding and Vulcanizing Press

Motorized moulding and vulcanizing press, size 350 x 300 mm, for rubber and pre-inked stamp making.

All manufacturing steps are automatically performed . It is just necessary to set parameters (temperatures, preheating and cooking times, cooking pressure) Then, pushing a single key will automatically start the procedure : platen rising, contact during pre-heating time, degassing, pressure and cooking , opening when programmed time is over.

  • Pressure by motorized hydraulic pump, with separate jack to avoid heat transmission to hydraulic parts.
  • automatic control of manufacturing cycles
  • preheating and curing time are controlled by a digital timer
  • switch for additional degassing
  • emergency stop
  • manometer for pressure control
  • 2 PID electronic controllers securing perfect accuracy and distribution of temperature for pre-inked and rubber stamp making


Anything can be reproduced on a rubber stamp : logo, photo, signature

Automatic mount with rubber stamp : simple marking for documents.

Automatic rubber stamp for administrative document marking

Automatic stamp : rubber stamp in a a self-inked mount

Rubber stamp for fast reproduction of information : tables, references ...

Rubber stamp : guarantee for quality reproduction and inking

Clear company identification with rubber stamp on wooden handle

Commercial rubber stamp : logo, visual identity, slogan, ... everything can be reproduced

Company rubber stamp on a plastic mount

Creative hobbies, scrapbooking, art stamps ... activities where using rubber stamps is essential

Art stamp for scrapbooking : decorate, create, imagine products at your image

Art stamps for scrapbooking : announcements, birthdays, decoration ...

Decorative stamp on wooden handle for scrapbooking

Scrapbooking with rubber stamp : announcement, menu, greeting card, postcard ...

Scrapbooking rubber stamp on wooden mount : decorations, cards, congratulations cards, ...

Rubber stamp for scrapbooking : card making, decoration, creative activities..

Scrapbooking stamp on transparent mount for better visibility

Educational rubber stamp : for easier and funnier learning in education applications

Pocket rubber stamp to take everywhere you go.

Company stamp for identification of document , confirmation of delivery...

Company stamp : address, web site, bank information...

Personalization of document , humorous message... with a rubber stamp.

Customization of packages, labels, products... with a rubber stamp

Scrapbooking stamp in blue rubber (several colors available)

Stamp with company contact information , important message, slogan...

date, personalized formula with rubber stamp on automatic mount




  • Brochure commerciale tampons marqueurs GB


A (rubber) stamp is meant for marking on various supports.

It is mainly used to print information on administrative documents (validate a document with company stamp, obliterate  a mail,  date a document..) or artistic creations (greeting card or announcement decorations, labels..)

It is made of :

   => An inked pad

   => A rubber or polymer layer containing pattern

   => A mount / handle

Ink can be adapted according to application : there are  acid inks for engraving, inks for textile, for metals, for outdoor uses…