Photographic aluminium widely used for its extended durability in industrial or challenging environments and sharpness in graphic applications.
Processed in yellow safelight conditions, Metalphoto plates are exposed through a film, developed, fixed then sealed.
Results are safe and fast...

PolyColor photosensitive plates can produce durable images of different colours on a silver background, even with the colours touching each other.
PolyColor requires five easy to follow steps : exposure to UV light, development under tap water, dyeing , stripping and sealing.

ID MARK is a polyester or aluminium photo-sensitive water-processed imaging material that allows users to create high quality , durable custom images in minutes with just an ultraviolet exposure device and water.

Alumamark anodized aluminium sheets can be imaged with Co2 lasers to achieve rich black positive graphics on durable metal. Great resolution, consistent, one-step laser marking.

Alumajet offers amazing quality, four-colour graphics printed directly to the surface of the aluminium.
Simply load and print directly onto the aluminium sheet – just like paper.
Ink choices determine longevity and durability and protective coatings extend performance.

All needs of sign making shops are available from Thermoflan

  • equipment : inexpensive, easy to operate, fast and precise cutter plotters available in several widths
  • consumable materials for letter cutting : vinyle film in several durability grades, special banner film, reflective film, transfer tape....
  • graphic softwares : Easy Sign, Artcut...

Enhance your images, just adding a dome of clear resin over the print
Our polyurethane resins are perfectly transparent to provide a 3D effect and make markings resistant.
Our doming equipments are easy to operate for rapid use.



Donnez du relief à vos étiquettes grâce à un procédé entièrement manuel qui consiste a déposer avec un applicateur manuel une résine 100 % écologique.

Deux formules de résines vous sont proposées : la Speed utilisée plus particulièrement pour les formes régulières et la Cruise recommandée pour les lettrages.

Avec un séchage selon la formule en 2 heures ou 4 heures à température ambiante, le doming fast drop est vraiment complémentaire à l'équipement de base.