Natural rubber is used in stamp making.
The structure of rubber provides a good surface absorption when ink is picked up then a good release when print is made.
Besides rubber elasticity secures excellent resistance to important and repetitive efforts , as well as longer life expectancy.
Also, rubber shows good compatibility with all kinds of inks, and specially alcohol based ones.

Photopolymer resin is a liquid material that hardens and creates relief (letters) when exposed to UV light.
Advantages of photopolymer technique are easy and fast processing combined with low production cost.
It is specially suitable for the production of small quantities of stamps.
Photopolymer structure provides quality prints with water based inks.

Pre inked stamp is the 3rd kind of stamp available on the market.
It is made of micro porous material containing ink in required color and placed in a special mount equipped with proper setting system to provide even pressure .
A precise amount of ink is released , leaving a sharp print.
About 20 000 prints can be made before porous structure should be filled again with ink.