Introducing Thermoflan company

In 1961, Georges MOUREAU created  Thermoflan thermo hardening  matrix board, developed products and equipment for stamp making and founded THERMOFLAN Company. Since then, a dynamic and experienced team, led today by Jean Luc MOUREAU, has developed and specialized in marking technologies.

Created from a traditional small structure, THERMOFLAN company  has not only developed to reach an almost worldwide reputation in stamp making business, but has also been able to diversify both to anticipate or support customers’ development,  and to win new markets in marking business:  signage, pad printing, laser, doming...

Thanks to our position as a manufacturer or in association with international partners chosen for their competence and reliability, our activities now range from craft applications (art stamps, laser engraving on wood…) to the most advanced industrial needs (integration in automatic lines, traceability, precision marking or cutting...) including  more or less unusual requests  (pad printing on  chocolates, laser marking for landing gear...).

Concerned about our customers’ needs and attentive to all technical and economic evolutions, human dimension, quality of listening and seriousness remain essential in our company since its creation.


  • 1961 : Thermoflan matrix board (moulding process for printing characters) is patented and distributed by “La Clichoise” commercial company, owned by Mrs MOUREAU
  • 1962 :  First moulding & vulcanizing presses  are developed
  • 1972 :  Public limited company Thermoflan is created and absorb “la Clichoise”
  • 1980-1990: a network of international  customers and distributors is developed
  • 1993 : Jean Luc Moureau, founder’s son, joins the company as an electronic engineer to develop new techniques such as Co2 laser cutting/engraving.Sole distribution in France of  Horizons Incorporated (USA) imaging products :Metalphoto, Polycolor.
  • 1994 : Partnership with Laser Tools & Technics company (Taiwan) for sole distribution in France of CO2 laser engraving / cutting equipment.
  • 1999 :   First  60 mm ink cup  hand operated  pad printing  machine is developed
  • 2001 : Exclusive distribution agreement with TTN company (Netherlands) for a wide range of automatic pad printing machines
  • 2002 : Distribution of doming products
  • 2005 : Thermoflan SA becomes Thermoflan SAS
  • 2006 :   Our first digital flatbed solvent printer FB3100 is introduced on the market
  • 2012 :   In partnership with DCS company (USA), first UV printers are introduced on the Market
  • 2014 : Exclusive partnership with DPI (Italy) for  industry oriented UV printer range.
  • 2015 : partnership with Portlaser (Portugal) and introduction of first fiber lasers.OEM on our first UV printing machine assembled at Thermoflan: UV5530.
  • 2016 : Installation of first  3- axis laser with our partner Portlaser.
  • 2018 : Development of marking department with Textile and Hybrid Eagle printers
  • 2019 : OEM for development of a Ricoh GH2220 head based UV machine /  OEM for development  of  EKO laser range.

Director's editorial

In an increasingly competitive environment, companies need to differentiate from others :  marking  their visual identity is a solution to  put  their brand forward, inform customers and customize their products.

As  a growing SME,  Thermoflan participates in many customers’ projects, from small businesses to large accounts, in a wide variety of  applications : electronics, medical, packaging, communication by object, architecture, industry….

Thermoflan has succeeded to make a name for itself in marking business,   because of its expertise and technological innovation strategy, relying on highly qualified partners, but keeping a human sized structure.

After microelectronics and business administration studies, my aim was not to  take over the family business. However Thermoflan's  know-how and reputation could not leave the family business. Initiated since my youngest age in this marking environment, I took up the challenge in 1993.

With high concern for the diversity of our customers' requests and with significant knowledge of techniques and market players, my team and I have the passion to accompany you in all your projects.

You have a marking  idea , we will do our best to  find the solution!

                                              Jean-Luc Moureau

Our philosophy

well done job requirement

Our basic values :

Customer Satisfaction

Thermoflan primarily  exists  to serve customer ; we put a lot of effort into it, this being the essence of a family business that has been able to adapt. All our employees are working with the same high standards. Whether you are an artisanal structure or a listed company, you will be paid the same attention.  We consider our customers’ point of view is very important and are highly concerned about their satisfaction  level.

Continuous  innovation

Through permanent innovation, we do our best to improve our performances and add value to our products and services.  Not only in technology but also in marketing, production, human resources and management, innovation is for us a continuous process and we always remain on the lookout for all innovations in our business fields.

Commitments kept

Honesty and commitment are our basic attitudes in life and at work. We do not exaggerate :  we do not criticize our peers  and we do not pretend to say one thing and do another. Our basic principle is to keep our promises.

Preserved quality

Our priority mission is quality at the best price. We will never offer second-rate products to customers. Quality is something we never compromise on.

People oriented business relations :

We believe in people. We believe that through mutual trust and honesty, proper training and complete working experience on our equipment, our customer will be our company best representative. The best advertisement for us is a satisfied customer.

Sales repartition

Our activities are divided into 4 departments

  • Stamps
  • Engraving (Co2, laser and 3 axis lasers)
  • Marking (pad printing, UV, hybrid and textile printers)
  • Signage (aluminum plates and doming)  

Part of our products are exported worldwide   directly to customers or  through distributors (Algeria, United Kingdom, Spain, Nigeria, Usa, Russia, South Africa, Israel, ...).

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Our team

Associating a face with a voice is important.

Your main contacts, that you will likely have pleasure to know  through our business relations : a close  team of passionate people, gathering complementary talents  with  the aim of generating quality work


Jean-Luc Moureau



Josette Caylus



Sebastien Buffetaut



Nadine Joonnekindt

Administrative Assistant


Olivier Bru



Sebastien Bouvery



Achour Haddadi


Our partners

We are working with several international manufacturers. With more than 25 year long business contacts, some of them are more partners than suppliers : so many  years of collaboration have created not only commercial but also often friendly relations.

Offering a product, adapting it to your requirements, providing good service and fast response require more than just a customer/supplier relationship.  We are looking for  such a trust relationship.

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