What is Metalphoto ?

Specified  when permanent identification is essential

Metalphoto® is a high resolution photosensitive anodized aluminum used to make durable nameplates, labels, control panels and plates. Metalphoto durability comes from its image  which is sealed inside anodized aluminum, offering resistance to corrosion, sunlight, abrasion, high temperatures and exposure to chemical products.

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Since 1950, Metalphoto has had the trust of main equipment manufacturers, military and government organizations for applications that require one or more of unique Metalphoto functionalities

Advantages and uses of Metalphoto process


As time goes by, marking products may be subject to one or more of the following conditions: Sun, heat, cleaning, handling, abrasion, dirt, fuel, paint, impact, salt spray, sand, chemicals, moisture, cold.

If you want durable panels, plates and labels  ... make the right choice : Metalphoto.

Chemicals can attack other materials, making them unreadable.


Chemical resistance on Metalphoto
Most of them have no effect on Metalphoto.


With other materials, corrosion alters  support and  marking readability 

Corrosion resistance Metalphoto
Metalphoto is not sensitive because image is fixed inside the anodized layer that protects it.


On other materials,  sun and heat can blemish graphics, to the point of making them unreadable.

Sun resistance Metalphoto

 Metalphoto is resistant to heat and UV.


With other materials, abrasion can make labels unreadable and unattractive

abrasion resistance Metalphoto

Metalphoto remains readable even in an abrasive environment.

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