Enter the customization market

with FB 3300 SC solvent flat bed digital printer

Easy to operate, FB 3300 SC allows to print color images on clear backgrounds  (aluminum, wood, abs ...)

Thanks to its printing head and heating module,  multiple supports can be printed up to 320 x 550 mm and 170 mm height.



FB3300 SC can print up to 170 mm thick media for increased  customization possibilities : wine boxes, metal boxes, electric boxes ...

FB3300 SC is equipped with a DX5 printing head providing high sharpness (1.5 picoliter) and resolution (up to 5760 dpi).

The temperature-adjustable halogen lamp immediatrly dries substrate to prevent inks from spreading.

Lamp power is adjustable by a potentiometer.

All functions : movement, height adjustment, cleaning, automatic cleaning cycle,... are controlled by a touch screen panel in French


Available in 100 ml bottles, inks are placed on the machine side.




FB3300 SC  is an inkjet printer equipped with a 320 x 550 mm platform on which parts to be printed are placed

A 17 cm printing height (maximum part thickness) makes a wide variety of applications possible.

When artwork, designed in the graphic software, is sent to the machine, printing head moves and spays inks onto the product surface, while platform moves back and forth.

To prevent inks from spreading, a temperature controled heating module evaporates solvents from ink and fix marking on printed item.

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