What is Durablack ?

DuraBlack ™ is a Co2 laser imaged aluminum used to produce,on demand, durable marking in challenging environments

DuraBlack withstands sunlight (UV radiation), abrasion, high temperatures and exposure to chemicals.

DuraBlack is made  of a multi-level coating on an aluminum base, including an abrasion-resistant  top layer reducing  the need to apply a secondary protective topcoat.



Advantages and uses of Durablack process


DuraBlack features several advantages over other laser-marking materials.

1.  Durablack is easy and fast to use. It comes ready for use and requires no additional step (layer coating ...)

2.  Durablack is resistant to  temperature, UV, abrasion, chemicals ... to secure marking durability in harsh operating environments

3. The aluminum image on black background produces very contrasted marking for bar code and UIDs reading.  Matte background reduces  product reflection in combat situations.

4. The abrasion resistant  top layer reduces the need to apply a protective topcoat as commonly made with laser-marking black anodized aluminum and acrylic tape.

DuraBlack is a reliable solution for long-term product labeling and monitoring.


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