What is PU or UV Semi-Automatic Doming ?

Doming consists in depositing a transparent resin on a label that has been previously cut and scaled.

Deposited resin will flow to the edge of the cut and stop simply to form a dome.

Signage is thus highlighted, in relief, by this 3D effect which sublimates your marking.


In addition of accentuating the visual impact of your markings, the resin dome allows your supports to resist over time and in bad weather.

Our range consists of two products, each with different characteristics:  polyurethane doming resin and  UV doming resin.


Advantages and uses of this process


Doming use  in many applications: packaging, cosmetics, industry, signage, advertising objects, fashion ... brings the main advantages :

- to make your marking, brand, logo, product, ... attractive. A visual with a magnifying glass effect attracts the eye and makes you want to touch the product. Doming does not leave your contact indifferent. A 3D signage is more striking than a flat one.

- to make your impression more permanent. The dome of UV or polyurethane resin creates a protective layer against environmental agressions (sun, rain, snow, temperature) but also against abrasion, chemicals and solvents. Several years after its installation, your marking will still be as transparent and attractive as ever.

- With a simple, quick and inexpensive operation, you can offer a product different from your competitors. Distinguish yourself by doming.


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