Thermoflan can offer all necessary products for rubber stamp making.
Our 40 year old experience allowed us to choose and develop the best products for stamp making.


  • Positive film : for laser prints (box of 100 sheets size A4)
  • Day light film : to make a negative film from a positive one ( box of 100 sheets size 24 x 33 cm)
  • Developer : to develop day light films (5 liter can to dilute with 10 liters of water)
  • Fixer : to fix day light films for later uses (5 liter can to dilute with 20 liters of water).

Matrix board moulding

Rubber stamp products

Hard photopolymer plate : to get a master plate that will be pressed into the matrix board Size A4 – Thickness 175 – box of 20 pcs

  • Jet distributor
  • Basf distributor

Thermoflan matrix boards : Compressed powder matrix board that becomes as soft as a paste for easy penetration of the image (lead types, magnesium or photopolymer plate). When cured, the material becomes very hard and produces a die in which rubber is molded. 
Available sizes :
- A4 (315 x 235 mm - 12.40 x 9.25 inches) boxes of 20 – 50 or 100 pcs
- or 650 x 500 mm - 25.59 x 19.68 inches boxes of 10 – 20 or 25 pcs
Standard thicknesses : 4 or 5 mm 
Other available thicknesses : 6 – 7 – 8 and 9 mm for photopolymer, magnesium or zinc plates.

Thermoflan advantages :

  • Deeper penetration of magnesium and photopolymer plates
  • Increased softness due to an all powder structure, for easier and deeper penetration of detailed lettering and graphics into the board
  • Easier processing range : As it is only made of compressed powders , and not impregnated cardboards, the plate becomes as soft as a paste when subjected to heat , with a wide time and temperature range, and do not damage the master plate characters.

Rubber vulcanization

  • Unvulcanized rubber : thickness 2.5 mm, colour : white or blue
    rolls of 12 to 15 Kg


Laser rubber products

Laserable rubber
Size A 4
Thickness 2.3 mm 
Producing sharp engraving for quality prints.