Thermoflan can offer all necessary products for rubber stamp making.
Our 40 year old experience allowed us to choose and develop the best products for stamp making.


  • Positive film : for laser prints (box of 100 sheets size A4)
  • Day light film : to make a negative film from a positive one ( box of 100 sheets size 24 x 33 cm)
  • Developer : to develop day light films (5 liter can to dilute with 10 liters of water)
  • Fixer : to fix day light films for later uses (5 liter can to dilute with 20 liters of water).

Matrix board moulding

Pre inked products

Hard photopolymer plate : to get a master plate that will be pressed into the matrix board. Size A4 – Thickness 175 – box of 20 pcs 

  • Jet distributor
  • Basf distributor

Thermoflan matrix boards : Compressed powder matrix board that becomes as soft as a paste for easy penetration of the image (lead types, magnesium or photopolymer plate). When cured, the material becomes very hard and produces a die in which rubber is molded. 
Available sizes :
- A4 (315 x 235 mm - 12.40 x 9.25 inches) boxes of 20 – 50 or 100 pcs
- or 650 x 500 mm - 25.59 x 19.68 inches boxes of 10 – 20 or 25 pcs
Standard thicknesses : 4 or 5 mm 
Other available thicknesses : 6 – 7 – 8 and 9 mm for photopolymer, magnesium or zinc plates.

Thermoflan advantages :

  • Deeper penetration of magnesium and photopolymer plates
  • Increased softness due to an all powder structure, for easier and deeper penetration of detailed lettering and graphics into the board
  • Easier processing range : As it is only made of compressed powders, and not impregnated cardboards, the plate becomes as soft as a paste when subjected to heat , with a wide time and temperature range, and do not damage the master plate characters.

CHASE BOARD : The chase board comprises
- a thermosetting plate, allowing to mould, after the required preheating time, photopolymer plates without damaging the characters,
- a damming frame, polycondensated with the plate, to offer perfect calibration of the ink when it is molded.

Advantages of Thermoflan chase boards are :

  • It saves time since the user no longer has to assemble the casting chase or clean the equipment ( the chase board is thrown away or stored for re-use) , the pre-inked slab is easy to remove from the mold and the system is flexible owing to the different available sizes
  • It also saves money in that it allows production in large quantities. Moreover, steel casting chase and cooling unit are no longer necessary since the premix cools at room temperature within eight minutes

Premix Gelling

  • Premix gel (black, red, blue, green, purple) that will give the micro porous material including ink, to be placed inside a pre-inked mount (1 Kg or 1 gallon cans)
  • Felt : used as ink holder , available in several sizes : A4, A5, A6 , A7 and A8
  • Reinking bottle : to re ink stamps, available in several colors


Products for pre inked laser stamp

  • Micro porous material : 
    Size A 4, thickness 6 mm or 2.3 mm, for quality stamp engraving.
  • Inks for micro porous material : 
    Available in several colours.