Thermoflan can offer all necessary products for photopolymer stamp making.
Our 40 year old experience allowed us to choose and develop the best products for stamp making.


  • Positive film : for laser prints (box of 100 sheets size A4)
  • Day light film : to make a negative film from a positive one ( box of 100 sheets size 24 x 33 cm)
  • Developer : to develop day light films(5 liter can to dilute with 10 liters of water)
  • Fixer : to fix day light films for later uses. (5 liter can to dilute with 20 liters of water). avec 20 litres d'eau).

Polymerization : Thermoflex 50 v photopolymer resin

Materials for photopolymer stamp

Thermoflex 50 v photopolymer resin : Together with the National Superior School of Chemistry of Montpellier and with the help of the ANVAR (French agency for Research & Development), we developed photopolymer liquid resin for photopolymer stamp making.
Available in several hardnesses, our photopolymer material offers a quality/price relation never reached for stamps.

Main advantages of our photopolymer resin are :

  • Working hygiene :
    Thermoflex 50 V does not require the St Andrew’s cross on the label. This simply means that this is a much safer product to work with.
  • Odour :
    Thermoflex 50V is an odourless liquid photopolymer.
  • Water Washable :
    Thermoflex 50 V can be easily washed out with the compatible wash out detergent solution.
  • Adhesion :
    Thermoflex 50 V adheres well to the backing film.
  • Tackfree :
    Thermoflex 50 V has no tackiness.
  • Ink transfer and image definition :
    Elasticity of the polymer improves the image definition. Thermoflex 50 V is more elastic and can produce sharp, clear prints.
  • Longer life :
    The photopolymer plate has a longer press life than previously possible and the plates have a higher resistance to abrasion or press life.
  • Wick effect :
    The wick effect is when the die sucks the aqueous parts of the ink from the ink pad and evaporates it, thus causing the ink pad to dry quickly. Water absorption of the Thermoflex 50 V resin is the lowest possible yet.
  • Resistance to the direct sunlight :
    Surprisingly good in the Thermoflex 50 V.
  • Appearance :
    Thermoflex 50 V is a green, transparent photopolymer material

Other processing products

  • Coverfilm, to protect negative film when photopolymer material is processed (0.315 x 180 m roll)
  • Substrate sheets, photopolymer material sticks to this film that forms a solid base (box of 100 sheets size 36 x 25 cm)
  • Damming tape : to dam processed area and level final stamps (30 m x 3 mm roll or 30 m x 2 mm roll)
  • Post exposure salt : to avoid stickiness (500 g bag, giving 80 liters of solution)
  • Wash out solution , to clean polymer material when it is processed and keep machinery clean (500 cc bottle giving 50 liters of solution).