Photopolymer machine

Photopolymer machine to process photopolymer liquid resin or hard photopolymer plates (Rigilon, Jet, etc)
size A 4, made of 3 parts :

Exposure Unit

  • to make a negative film from a laser printed positive
  • to expose a hard photopolymer plate through a negative and get a master plate
  • to expose photopolymer liquid resin through a negative and get photopolymer stamps.

Wash-out unit

  • for hard photopolymer plates : exposed areas are left and create relief when uncured parts are washed away (depth)
  • for photopolymer liquid resin : exposed areas are left and create letters when uncured parts are washed away (depth).
  • Drying unit
  • for negative film
  • for hard photopolymer plate after washing-out
  • for photopolymer resin after washing-ou

1. Exposure unit

Exposure unit on resin machine

  • UV tubes with on/off digital timer with memory and buzzer
  • vacuum pump to keep positive and negative films or negative film and photopolymer material in close contact
  • glasses with closing /calibrating system to process liquid photoplymer
  • plastic tray with holding system to post expose photopolymer resin
  • compressor to pierce air bubbles in photopolymer resin

2. Wash-out unit

Wash out unit on photopolymer machine

  • parts are in stainless steel
  • thermostat for water temperature control
  • timer to start the engraving unit
  • the engraving mechanism is outside water to avoid dirt and jamming problems of the moving part

3. Drying unit

Drying unit on photopolymer machine

  • 3 drying compartments
  • thermostat for temperature control
  • on/off timer