UV Mark exposure unit

Exposure unit for pad printing

254 x 305 mm UV exposure unit Featuring :

  • mechanical timer to switch on/off the lamp
  • honeycombed foam system to keep the film and processed plate in close contact

UV Mark GF exposure unit

Ultraviolet Exposure unit for pad printing

550 x 350 mm UV exposure unit Featuring :

  • 6 UV tubes of 20 W
  • vacuum to ensure the artwork and exposed material are held in perfect contact
  • time setting via the touch membrane control panel

Thermogravor A4

Automatix exposure unit for pad printing

Automatic combined machine to process cliches including 3 functions :

  • UV exposure with digital timer for time control and vacuum pump
  • Motorized wash-out with timer and temperature control
  • Drying with timer and temperature control.

Other products

Pad printing clche, pad printing ink

  • Development tray
  • Brush
  • Raster film
  • Alcohol processed cliches
  • One side steel cliches
  • Two side steel cliches
  • A4 films for laser printer
  • Laser toner darkener


Silicon pads

Silicon pad

All show the same features : curved surface and sides inclined towards the center to provide correct ink transfer and stability

A large choice of shapes (round, rectangular, special…) and hardenesses is available.

Other products

Pad printing ink

  • large choice of inks
  • hardener for better coating on glass , metal…
  • retarder
  • screen wash
  • thinners
  • cleaner for objects



Corona treatment

Electric system to improve ink adherence on PE, PP, PET… surfaces

IR conveyor / tunnel

IR conveyor, dryer

Several models from 10 to 30 wide with motorized variable speed from 4 to 30 cm / sec

Without IR module, they carry or select parts from a station to the other.
With IR module, they change in a drying tunnel.


Cleaning machine with rotation / spraying system

Cleaning machine for pad printing

For rapid and contactless cleaning of all pad printer parts (inkcup, base plate…)

Parts are placed in a rotary basket. Cleaning product is aspirated by a pump, sprayed at high pressure then automatically recycled.