If you are planning to :

  • Print on a small quantity of objects ( promotional gifts for instance)
  • Start pad printing without considerable outlay
  • Print a short series of objects without disturbing normal printing process

Then we can recommend our manual pad printer 90.


  • Promotional items
  • Electric parts
  • Pharmaceutic products...


Superior sealed inking technology * allowing extended printing with virtually no solvent loss or ink maintenance. Only one part to clean up.

  • easy handling, with one hand only
  • semi-automatic printing process
  • all displacements are limited by stop dogs.
  • Simple adjustment of the pad holder in XYZ coordinates
  • Easy exchange of the ink-unit
  • Adjustable table for securing printed objects
  • Quick set-up time
  • Easy cleaning

Each machine is supplied with :closed ink-cup, multi purpose silicon pad, pad holder, sliding table, instruction manual.

* Closed ink cup systems show many advantages including :Better process control, especially for long runs, since ink is not exposed to air and does not require frequent addition of thinner / allow use of less ink / allow faster cliche and colour changes / are easy to keep clean / however, they are limited in size of artwork because of the size of the ink-cups.


  • Cliche size : 100 x 200 mm
  • Inkpot diameter : 90 mm
  • Max. printed image diameter : 80 mm
  • Color : 1
  • Output : 600 cycles / hour
  • Sizes : depth : 480 mm - width : 160 mm - height : 540 mm
  • Weight : 12.5 kgs

Principle of functioning

Pad printing machine Pad printing machine step 1 Pad printing machine Pad printing step 4

The new object (yellow) is put on the table
The handle is drawn backwards- the plate is cleaned

Ink excess is taken back to the inkpot.
The pad is pressed on the plate and takes ink from hollows.

Pad printer Pad printing machine step 2 Pad printing equipment Pad printing step 5

The handle is drawn upwards
Ink is transferred on the silicon pad surface.

he handle is drawn towards the operator
Inkcup comes over the plate , filling it with ink.

Pad printer equipment Pad printing machine step 3 Pad printer equipment Pad printer step 6

The handle is drawn downwards :
Pad is pressed on the object and leaves ink on it.

The handle is drawn upwards
Printed object can be replaced by a new one.