With low running costs and A3+ printing sizes, our printers produce quality images with a resolution from 2880 dpi (FB3100) to 5760 dpi (FB3300 / FB3350 / FB3300SC).
The equipment range comes complete with a special machine (FB3350) for textile using inks for direct print without pre coating and resistant to washing.
Automatic height adjustment by sensors and automatic head cleaning system secure a long lasting use.
Any design can be printed from any Windows or Macintosh compatible graphic software.
NO special training is required and the machine is easy and economical to use in comparison with alternative techniques.

Advantages of flat bed ink jet printer

Numeric printer

  • After pre-coating, direct print is possible on plastic, wood, metal, glass, aluminium, steel, leather...
  • Possibility to print on cylindrical and irregular surfaces
  • Objects up to 17 cms are accepted
  • It is easier and faster to produce personalised items (no film, no colour limit, no screen or cliché required)
  • Easy and accurate reproduction of artwork
  • 4 color direct print
  • High resolution up to 5760 dpi
  • Small series possible
  • Large series can be achieved by programming cycle for object loading (temporisation)
  • Simple to operate with automatic (motorized) height adjustment of the printing head (sensor)
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Prints resist to UV, water, oil...

New : with FB 3300 SC printer that includes a pre-treatment module and with new ink formulations , it is possible to directly print plastic, wood, metal, glass, steel… WITHOUT preliminary coating treatment.


Pre-treatment unit with digital temperature control for direct printing , without preliminary coating (FB 3300 SC)

Accessoire impression cylindrique

Control panel with digital display

Control panel digital printing

Strong design . Motorized height adjustment by position sensors

Position sensors flatbed printer

Printing Head protection system by sensory and optical sensors

Printhead protection on inkjet printer

Easy access to ink feeding

Ink feeding digital printing

Printing head with automatic cleaning when starting/ending cycle

Automatic cleaning on flatbed machine

Cylindrical print accessory for FB3100

Accessory digital printing